The future of Music

Love Peace & Unity

Afro Dominicano is a World Music band that centers its music on what they call Afro Caribbean soul. They blend traditional folkloric genres from the Dominican Republic such as Perico Ripiao, Palo, Merengue de Orquesta, Bachata with  Reggae, Bembe, Calypso, and Samba, Funk, Rock, and other African rhythms. They have completely impacted the performance art industry by breaking the barrier of the Musical Genre; seamlessly entering and exiting them with grace and expertise.  Afro Dominicano is not just a band but a social movement, they believe in uniting individuals from all around the world through their music. This can be experienced during their live performances, where Race and Ethnicity disappear because, despite all our differences, we all have something in common; our love for music, and that unites us.